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Citipoint is the leader in Midwest multifamily real estate. Build astronomical wealth with hugely discounted OFF Market multifamily properties.

No, you won't find these properties on Loopnet. We promise. 

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$100k To $100M In Under 18 Months.


The 5-Step Process I've Used To Build A $100M Real Estate Business


FREE BONUS: The automatic deal analyzing forms and calculators I used during the process. 


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What is Citipoint?

Frustrated by the poor and limited selection of multifamily and commercial office deals on the market, Citipoint was started with a clear objective: Find high quality, cash flowing deals OFF-MARKET and connect them with willing and able buyers.


After trying (and failing) with numerous deal sourcing strategies, we began developing creative, out-of-the-box methods for obtaining undervalued and underleased commercial real estate which we've been able to replicate and scale on a consistent basis, adding enormous value to our client's portfolios along the way.


Today, CitiPoint connects investors with dozens of properties every month that would never be seen on the open market.

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FREE - No upfront cost to our clients. Sellers pay us a commission at closing. You NEVER pay us a dollar, ever.

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FULL SERVICE - Unlike most brokers, we don't run away when the deal closes. That's when our work begins.

INVENTORY - Our team hunts OFF MARKET properties. You will never find the inventory we sell listed on the MLS.

EXPERTS - 100% laser focus on multifamily investment properties.

MANAGEMENT - Exclusive management services offered ONLY to our clients. 

GROWTH - When you grow, we grow. Mutually aligned interests to ensure scalability and emphasis on superior customer service.




Of Real Estate transactions completed.



Of years of RE experience.

Of units transacted and managed over the years. 



Of units under management.



The Ultimate DIY Real Estate Investment Solution.

Citipoint provides the essential tool set you need to create, manage and optimize your portfolio, plus gives you the confidence and control you need to achieve long-term success through our renowned support and training programs.

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Seriously, just take 5 steps with us and you'll become a Millionaire.

Step 1

We find off market inventory direct from sellers.

Step 2

We have built relationships with quality real estate lenders. You can use them.

Step 3

If your property needs any work our contractor referrals can help you.

Step 4

We have an in house leasing team and an in house full service management company.

Step 5

Collect cash flow, refinance, and reinvest into another property.

Here's PROOF

Grow your portfolio.
Obtain financial

Let's jump on a call.

Citipoint's mission is to be the leading real estate platform where all individuals can build a financial future. A platform that allows the investor to take their life back into their own hands.

A place that enables all clients, experienced or not, to produce significant passive income streams.

Let us dive into real estate together. Our team will put your business on auto pilot while you obtain the freedom to


Fill out our investor application by following the link below. You'll be able to schedule a time to chat with us.

We'll answer any questions you have and we'd love to learn more about you and
your goals


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Purchase Price: XXX
Gross Income: XXX
Expenses: XXX
Net Operating Income: XXX
Capitalization Rate: XXX

Cash Flow: $$$

Use our sample detailed calculator to run quick analysis on potential real estate investments. 


Analyze current property performance or run pro forma scenarios that will fit your investment strategies.


Input various financing terms to view how various loans will affect performance outcomes.


Direct access to our service providers. We LOVE them and we know you will too. 

Half of the battle in Real Estate investing is hiring the right professionals for the job. Numerous unethical companies exist and most of their interests are the direct opposite of yours. When they win - you lose. 

With Citipoint every service provider sees the bigger picture.
Mutual Growth






Property Management


Numerous successful clients across the country. 


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Learn how Citipoint can scale your real estate business.

Deal Flow - Learn how we source properties.

Management - Competitive rates and unparalleled service.

Value Add - Assistance with Lease Up, Construction, and Accelerated Appreciation.

Financing - Direct access to preferred lenders for Acquisition and Refinance options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I work with Citipoint?

Citipoint is not a syndicator. The investor buys and retains 100% ownership in the deal. You will need to be approved for bank financing or have the cash in order to purchase the properties. To apply for financing click HERE.

What does Citipoint charge?

We do not charge any fees to clients for sourcing deals. We negotiate directly with off market sellers. These sellers agree to pay us a commission (usually about 3% of the gross sales price) if we can sell their property. Citipoint offers other optional services such as property management, leasing, and construction coordination of commercial properties.

How involved do I have to be in the investing process?

Your time commitment can be as limited or as involved as you like. Every investor will need to complete certain tasks such as: -Obtaining Financing. -Closing Coordination with your attorney. -Communication. Other tasks are optional. We have a full service team dedicated to running your investment property. This team includes: -Property Management -Brokers -Runners -Photographers -And More. Many of our clients are out of state and do business with us remotely.

How does Citipoint source the properties that I will receive?

We have a proprietary in depth system to target off market sellers that are likely to sell. The reasons these sellers are willing to sell their properties at large discounts can vary. A few of the reasons are: - Seller is retiring. - Seller is moving out of state. - Seller is self managing and is tired of "dealing" with operating real estate. Once Citipoint identifies a property it is thoroughly vetted by our due diligence team. We review all necessary documents and expenses to ensure our clients are entering into profitable real estate.

What is the property management fee that Citipoint charges?

Property management through our subsidiary is recommended but it is NOT required. We offer some of the lowest property management fees within our region. These low fees allow our clients to make more money and in turn gives them more confidence in buying more real estate. Pricing and more info on our property management firm can be found HERE.